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Monday, November 24, 2014

wonders shall never end........................... illitrate dupes a san

A 53-year-old primary school certificate holder, Moses Olayemi, has been arraigned before an Ikeja High Court for defrauding a Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

Olayemi, who was charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit felony, was alleged to have defrauded Dr Aliyu Salimon (SAN) under the pretext of conducting a National Assembly screening for a Federal Government appointment.

According to Dr Salimon, he was coerced into paying N2.5 million into a Skye Bank account, only for him to realise that he had been duped.

“I was on my way to Ibadan from Ilorin for an INEC case when I received a call from someone who claimed that he was the Chairman of a committee compiling the list of people to be given Federal Government appointment.

“He asked me to send my CV, which I did from a nearby cyber cafe. He then asked me to pay N150,000 for him to get security report about me,” he said.

The learned SAN, however, pointed out that after several conversations on phone, he sent N2.5 million to an account belonging to one Moses Babatunde, adding that he paid the money, believing it would help him get a better job.

“I paid the money thinking it would help me get a better job. It was after I paid the money that I was told that the job had been given to someone else,” he said.

In his own statement, the accused, Moses Olayemi, denied the accusations, adding that he never collected any money from the SAN.

“My friend, Akpan, asked me if I have a Skye Bank account but since I did not haveone, I got that of my friend Babatunde. It was when we went to withdraw the money that we were apprehended and handed over to EFCC,” he said.

The accused was denied bail by Justice Lawal Akapo on the grounds that he is a convicted criminal who jumped bail in Kano State and fled to Lagos.

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