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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Parents Ban Daughter From Best Friend's Birthday(a must read)

Racist parents of a 10-year-old girl did not allow her to attend one of her best friend’s birthday party as she was black, Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
Racist Parents Ban Daughter From Best Friend's Birthday
Harmony Jones, 10, from Memphis, got a letter from a friend ahead of her birthday
The girl who stayed at home while her friends were having fun and eating birthday cake decided to explain Harmony Jones, who turned 10 that day, why she is not able to congratulate her with birthday. She wrote a letter, which read: “Maby I will not be able to come to your birthday sleepover, because my dad will not let me go because you are black not trying to be races [sic], but my mom let me no [sic] Happy birthday!”Racist Parents Ban Daughter From Best Friend's Birthday
Harmony, seen on the night of her birthday sleepover met the no-show friend at school
Harmony’s father, Christopher Jones said: “It angered me a little bit, it hurt me that my 10-year-old girl had to deal with this and I myself never thought I would have to deal with this. I guess us as parents need to be more aware and conscious about what we teach our children.

Racist Parents Ban Daughter From Best Friend's Birthday
Harmony’s father, Christopher Jones, said he was surprised and upset when he read the letter, but he does not blame its young author
You would think in the 21st century people would be judged strictly on their character or their personality, not on the colour of their skin.”  Mr Jones said he did not blame the girl for the letter and wanted the incident did not spoil the party. He added he hoped people “would learn from the situation” while describing the school the girls attend as a “multi-racial and friendly environment”.

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