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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

10 wierdest weddings of all 1 will wow you

Love can take many forms. And there are people
who are ready to tie the knot not only with
humans and animals but even with inanimate
objecs! From a wedding of God and a woman to
another one celebrated by a man and a tree,
meet 10 unusual wedding ceremonies from
around the world.
A 38-year-old woman has married the son of God
in an unusual wedding ceremony at the Cathedral
of the Immaculate Conception in Fort Wayne,
Indiana, USA, on August 15. After being
consecrated Hayes will not be able to get married
to anyone else or to have sex for the rest of her
life. As a bride of Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of
God, she has to preserve a perpetual state of
virginity to the end of her days.

Saneie Masilela and Helen Shabangu get married
to follow their familiy traditions
A 9-year-old school boy has tied the knot with
his 62-year-old bride, who has already had five
children, in Ximhungwe, Mpumalanga, South
Africa. The bride, who expressed her happiness
over the fact that the boy picked her, told the
newsmen that the boy will continue to live a
normal life, as other boys of his age, and will later
get married to a younger bride.
The mayor of San Pedro Huamelula and his wife
The mayor of the coastal town of San Pedro
Huamelula in southern Mexico has married a
female crocodile. An unbelievable wedding
ceremony is a part of a local tradition, which,
according to the locals, will boost catches of fish,
shrimp and other seafood along the Pacific coast.
The reptile is treated like a princess, she is
wearing a bridal veil and having fun.

Grace Gedler made a self proposal after beign
tired of waiting for marriage for years,
The woman who got fed up with being single for
six years proposed to herself and finally walked
down the aisle alone. Despite not having much
choice about staying with herself the rest of her
life, Grace had pre-wedding jitters. But she went
through with it anyway and now feels empowered
and like she is no longer single.The wedding
ceremony was watched by 50 friends and it was
completed with Grace’s self-kiss on a mirror.

Daniel Ukoko and his 63-year-old wife Cynthia
A 26-year-old UNIBEN graduate, Daniel Ukoko
has married a 63-year-old American grandmother
named only as Cynthia, who is double his age.
The registry wedding took place in Warri, Delta
state, Nigeria in 2012.

The world’s first married lesbian party: Doll,
Kitten and Brynn
Meet the world’s first married lesbian party
that are expecting their first baby daughter. Three
women Doll, Kitten and Brynn, from
Massachusetts, USA, married in a ceremony in
August 2013. All of them wore wedding dresses
and exchanged rings. Although some of the
relatives were primarilly against this marriage
when three happy brides walked down the aisle,
each of their fathers gave them away.

Peruvian actor and activist Richard Torres
married a tree for the second time in his life
Meet a man who tied a knot with a wooden
beauty! The ceremony took place in Bogota
national park and included the placing of fruit and
vegetable by young girls at the base of the tree.
It should be noted that even a kissing part of the
ceremony was performed. It is the second time
Peruvian actor and activist Richard Torres marries
a plant in an attempt to raise awareness of
environmental issues.

Barbarella Buchner has married her two pet cats
Spider and Lugosi
Have you ever felt so lonely you wanted to marry
your cats? Well, Barbarella Buchner from London,
UK, was so tired of waiting for her Prince
Charming she decided to tie the know with her
two male pet cats. Without fear of condemnation
the brave woman married Spider and Lugosi and
even has their initials tattooed on her right leg as
a symbol of eternal love.

Man marries his stepmother: Eric Holder and his
former step-mother Elisabeth Lorentz
An unusual marriage of a stepmother and a
stepson took place in a small village of Dabo in
Alsace-Lorraine, north-east France. The couple
were fighting for months with French authorities
for the right to marry. The ex-husband of the
bride, who is also the father of the groom, was
among the guests at the civil and religious

Sandeep Patel, right, tried to marry a cobra because he thought she was a snake in a human body A 27-year-old man and his family was preparing for the wedding for two weeks and told everyone that the reptile is actually a snake beautiful woman who had fallen in love with him and promised to marry him in a previous life. Even the local priest confirmed that the groom had “exhibited the traits of a reptile” since his childhood, saying: “Sandeep walks, drinks and flickers his tongue just like a snake.”

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